Rexona 5000 steps

The speed and convenience of modern life and technologies has caused us to become more sedentary. We’re moving less than ever and we don’t even realise. That is why Rexona and we, Digibrand, made campaign to motivate people walk more.

We made mobile app, to count your steps and motivate you. To promote campaign in internet we made landing page and to get more information about app and campaign. For thous who already are active, there was outdoor print campaign.
Rexona 5000 Steps Company  Ambassador in Latvia: Lelde Cerina, Janis Vanks, Ulla Zirne. Lelde Cerina — TV and radio personality. Janis Vanks — motorway champion. Ulla Zirne — luge rider, Olympian.
Outdoor Advertising
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Landing Rexona 5000 steps
Rexona 5000 Steps app — your best friend for hitting the daily step goals. Challenge yourself and your friends to take 5000 steps a day, engage with them by creating groups, poking each other and having your own inner competitions. Reach your goals, have fun and win cool prizes in the process!

App Features

  • —  Take 5000 steps a day
  • —  Track your daily step progress
  • —  Track your longtime progress
  • —  Compete in challenges
  • —  Win cool prizes for completed challenges
  • —  Compete on leaderboards
  • —  Badges to celebrate your achievements
  • —  Poking options and notifications from friends
  • —  Track your longtime progress

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Color Scheme
Rexona 5000 steps

The process of app wireframe

App Design
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Project Management: Kristaps Nogobods
Santa Manuilova

App Design: Karina Karsecjana

Print Design:Karina Karsecjana
Interaction design: Konstantins Sedunovs

Case study: Karina Karsecjana
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